All India Design competition organising by Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery Jaipur (IIGJJ) Competition is categorized in three segments -

1. Theme - Reflection

Who all can participate - Designers (Manual & CAD)
Reflection - a mirror of test and trends that defines a sensation of construct a style. "Reflection" in jewellery has a special meaning. It is an expression of your ideas. It is represented though opinion, view, impression, observation, belief and feeling. Your designs reflect your personality. It's to create some new which show the effects or character of your future. What you will create will be a reflection of what you SEE, BELIEVE, DREAM AND INSPIRE.

2. Theme - Geometric Weaves

Who all can participate - Skill based competition for artisans
Jewellery is getting angular this session. ARenewed interest in this traditional craft of weaving with a blend of geometry makes this theme influential for future trends: TECHNOLOGY, CRAFTSMANSHIP and INNOVATION & TRANDITION. The theme speaks about three dimensional weaving, cutwork and visual perception of space keeping the symmetry intact.

3. Theme - Color Palette

Who all can participate - In House competition for IIGJ Design students
Colors paly an integral & complex role in presenting natures delight. Colors also influence our moods. Colors provide luxury through the use of colored stones in jewellery, you need to prepare pallet before you paint. Design your pallet with your color.

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