Students learn specialised jewellery Design software’s and computers assists them in creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. This CAD software’s help them to increase their productivity, improve their quality of Design; improve communication through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing. CAD output is used to print / machine the 3D models which are used as final prototypes.


1. Advance Certificate in CAD (Rhinoceros Ver. 5 with Matrix 7.5) - 5 Months
2. Certificate in CAD (Rhinoceros Ver. 5) - 3 Months
3. Advance Certificate in CAD (Matrix Ver. 7.5) - 2 Months

About the Software’s


Rhino is 3D Design ps you develop your ideas in 3D, render and animate them and also gives you the freedom to control and maintain absolute accuracy in your model.


Matrix is Plug-in for Rhino & it is jewellery-specific, which includes automating jewellery-related features so they are faster and easier to build, control & change. In Matrix also adds more functionality than Rhinoceros like builders that create jewellery-specific models, interactive controls that allow users to quickly adjust aspects of a model & save customised library of designs. It contains more realistic rendering & animation tools which gives more realistic Images and animations files. In addition to offering all the advantages of Rhino, Matrix has a whole series of additional builders and special tools for making all the repetitive and painstaking tasks of jewellery design (such as pave and prong settings) fast and easy in matrix .
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