Principal’s Message
Shri Navratan Kothari Dhiraj Kumar

Ever since IIGJ-J was conceptualized by GJEPC, a vision to excel and position it as a benchmark institute for the Gems and Jewelry sector has been the true aspiration; also a strong focus on Design is the most integral part of its mandate. Not only there is a great shortage of good Jewellery Designers and dedicated Jewelry Design schools in India but the mere issue of other programs offered by various institute focuses only on Design as Fashion based interface or they are drawing based design focused and prescribing it to be an elitist practice of profession. Design in its true potential is underutilized and thus operates for a particular section of society. Yet another important issue to be raised here is that Design is a multi-tiered activity in the Jewelry industry, so the number of programs to be offered to address the true and specific needs of these requirements calls for a cohesion and plan programs accordingly. This will enable us to differentiate all the programs against true needs of the industry with minimum clashes of graduating profile with its fitment in G & J industry context.

Design from a common man’s perspective has grown sufficiently in our country and time seems to be appropriate to offer programs with strong focus on Design as attitude rather just a skill (design will be defined as strategic tool at every level in industry and society). The programs on offer at IIGJ-J will be free from its focus being only on products and Fashion, etc instead be on changing industry needs, service and social design so that institute engages primarily with the concerns and problems confronting the larger context of promoting and establishing ‘Brand India’ as being most respected global phenomenon. The USP of all the programs offered at IIGJ-Jaipur will not be focusing on western and Industrial pattern in their orientation which tends to produce, at best, designers with western aesthetic sensibilities conditioned to a standardized design-process rather these programs will be more from ‘inside-out’ approach instead of ‘outside-in approach. Inside out-approach primarily operates from the core of issues and concerns as against ‘outside-in’ being operative from the surface level issues and merely being cosmetic.

Our vision and initiative is to establish a new paradigm shift in Design practice and education liberating it from its conventional context, issues and concerns and make it more relevant in a deep and meaningful way to our jewelry trade and society as a whole. The graduates should get better value for their investment of time and money and fetch good and prospective careers. The institute’s vision is to establish clear focus on ‘education’ and it should become its brand perception. A broad research agenda for IIGJ-J must begin by addressing a number of questions:

  • What role an IIGJ-J graduate can ideally play in a jewelry business value chain?
  • What is the current positioning of Design graduates from other colleges in industry and how diverse portfolios are being handled by them? Tracking how they have progressed and grown so far.
  • How do we align ourselves to be actively present with government bodies when they are formulating any initiative in G&J sector? And help them achieve national level framework for education for this sector.

Please make note, Designer is not referred here in its current and general perspective but as someone who is of high caliber and intellect and competent to deliver layered issues of industry and will creatively participate at top management levels to resolve them contextually. Focusing on Skill development for G&J sector is of prime concern of our country, thus Prime Minister’s office initiated a complete drive under NSDC (National Skill Development council) and IIGJJ became first training partner in it for G & j industry skill needs. Aligned to it at IIGJJ we offer range of on Campus and off-Campus short duration programs and workshops addressing design needs at operative level on its specific function. All the programs under this category will correspond to IIGJJ’s larger mandate and vision and aligning it to a sound understanding of trade practices for global business environment.

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